Monday morning musings: Starting over…

It occurred to me not too long ago that I’ve been living in the past.

Reflecting on the past has its uses for sure: developing character, instigating change. But, in general, it’s not a good idea to dwell there as a substitute for actually living in the present.

So, on that note, there’s this little niggly thing that’s been bothering me that I need to deal with once and for all.

Confession: I am no longer fit.


It’s not even the outward appearance that I struggle with the most; a good outfit can hide a multitude of sins. It’s the fact that, despite my quite obviously unfit body, in my head I still think I’m in the same place I was 15 years ago, fitness-wise.

In my head I’m still a lean, mean running machine. I could sit on my rear end all winter and get up in spring and knock off 5 km like nothing. Heck, I ran a marathon!

But really, how long can you NOT run, and NOT be fit, and cling to these things as though they might still actually be within the realm of possibility?

I think it’s time to let go and face facts. I am no longer a runner.

Several humbling moments over the course of the past few years have hintedsuggested loudly—that this is my new reality. But, as with most things, I’m slow to catch on. Or stubborn in my refusal to accept it.

But I’ve been thinking lately—in part because I’m not liking what I see in the mirror, and in part because it’s spring and the weather in Calgary is gorgeous—there is just so much I miss about running.

So, I’m letting go of my past.

Starting over.

However, I realize that if I’m going to be successful at this, I’m going to need a radical change of both my attitude and my mind. I need to alter the way I think about both me and about running.

I am a beginner.

And running isn’t solely about races and speed and distance.

I need to be gentle on myself, and forgiving of my own shortcomings. And I need to be willing to celebrate even the smallest victories—like successfully running from lamppost to lamppost. And then perhaps, my first full kilometer.

For me, it’s going to be a marathon accomplished only by baby steps full of grace.

Coincidentally—or not, I’m also starting a new session of bible study THIS week, and I’m going to be going through a book called The Rest of God: restoring your soul by restoring the Sabbath.

Because whose soul couldn’t use a bit of restoration these days?

Coincidentally—or not, this book reinforces the same concepts I’m trying to wrap my head around with regards to my running. The author wants to radically change the way we think about Sabbath and Rest and he does it by first helping readers to change their attitudes and then encouraging them to change our actions.

So, I’m “starting over” in a few areas of my life, and I’m hoping that the things I’m learning in both areas will collide and result in great change over the long haul.

It will be a marathon, accomplished by baby steps full of grace.

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One thought on “Monday morning musings: Starting over…

  1. Thanks for motivating me to get myself back to running. Vein surgery in March gave me a reason to hold back but now I have no excuses. Even the weather is good, darn it!

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